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  • An Open Invitation to Exceptio An Open Invitation to Exceptional Children Teachers and Specialists

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      ASCD EDge has educators who frequently write about the following topics:



      Collaborative Teams

      College Readiness

      Common Core State Standards

      Curriculum Alignment

      Curriculum Development

      Curriculum Mapping

      Differentiated Instruction

      Educational Leadership

      English Language Learners

      Grading Practices


      School Improvement


      Technology Integration

      21st Century Skills

      Understanding by Design

      Web 2.0 Tools



      ASCD EDge has grown from 12 members (ASCD Staff) to over 25,000 members.  One important topic seems to be missing from the professional conversations.  Who is addressing "Exceptional Children?"  There are thousands of specialists, teachers, school administrators and parents with expertise in this area.  With over 25,000 members, one would think that this topic would have several blogs and even an expert who blogs on a regular basis.  This is an open invitation to anyone who works with Exceptional Children (EC) in K-12 schools.  Your experiences and resources will benefit all teachers and administrators.


      ASCD EDge helps you start or join professional conversations.  If you have a specialized interest, you can join an existing group (i.e., Understanding by Design or Teaching English Language Learners) or create a new group.  ASCD EDge provides educators with the opportunity for teachers, administrators, curriculum coordinators and others to share ideas, discuss recent books about curriculum, share tools for supporting the work of teachers and administrators, and participate in an online professional learning community.  If you are still wondering how ASCD EDge will support your career, join today!  You will have access to educators who share your interests and who are waiting to learn from your experiences!


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