• How does the textbook fit Common Core Standards?

    Common Core demands persistent leveling of text content to improve students' text-centered reading comprehension.  This is impossible if schools use a one-size-fits-all science, math, literature or social studies text.  Once the nation's schools throw out millions of dollars of textbooks, where is the money to replace those textbooks with leveled reading materials?

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    • By Mary_Holton
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  • Technology

    In this technology era, I would hope no one is purchasing text books.  Buy laptops or ipads for every kid and have them read digital text.  There is a lot of free text on the web, literature and expository.  We can replace outdated textbook readings, with real world updated text.

  • Technology.....????


    So my question is ......whats do you do for them stuents who tend not to be on track or not cooperate with assignments / HS student; and get on other web-sites.....using a proxxy to get through the back wall or securities that the school has installed! (Just cking for ideas on how addtress.....other than turing off the internet or taking away the Privledge....)

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    • By Barry_Mann
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  • Students

    As teachers we can download articles and send them to them.  Then they need no internet access to read.  Some devices, Kuno Tablet, are set up for education.   Nothing is going to be perfect, but I bet more kids will read on technology rather than in a book.  If we feel empowered enough to give our students choice, then they will search, find, and read material.  It is not the technology that causes our students to stray, it is the fact they are not engaged.  Make sure the lesson is authentic and the students will do everything you ask them to do.

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