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    I am not a new ASCD member, but I am new to the ASCD EDge and I am not all that sure exactly how the site works, or maybe some of the terminology needed to send and receive information or various types of posting. If possible, might someone contact me by e mail at alaporte@wi.rr.com, just in case when I click on Post, I know that it is received by someone who might know some of the ways to navigate the Edge. Thanks, Richard La Porte

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    Thanks for the question. In general, we'd be happy to walk you through the ASCD EDge site. I will email you to set up a time. Best, Tim I.

  • Same as Richard

    Hi, I am in the same situation as Richard. I am not a new ASCD member, but I am new to ASCD Edge and am a new Emerging Leader, so I want to make sure I know how to use this site well. Can you help me too? Thanks so much!




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  • Re: New to Edge

    May I please ditto this request? I am new to both ASCD and Edge.

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    Pamela, I can walk you through the site as well. Am out of the office this week, but contact me next week at tito@ascd.org and let me know a time that works for you. Best, Tim

  • Ditto

    Can I also get some assistance in navigating through the EDge?

  • Help

    Is there a way to search for blog posts by topic?

    Can I set up a name for a blog and then have different postings under the same main title?



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    For your two questions.

    On number 1, the only way to really search for a particular blog at the moment is to go to the site search and look for it. On your own blogs, you can tag the content with keywords and people can look that way. The blogs, however, aren't necessarily organized by keyword (as not everyone tags their content).

    On number 2, you set up all your blogs under a consistent image and overall title. We call this setting up a blog banner. Here are the directions:

    If you want to organize each post under a consistent title and image...

    1. Go to Photos/Upload Photos area

    2. Upload a photo/image (to span the width of the available article area choose a photo that is 520 pixels wide). I typically choose a photo/image that is about 520 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall.

    3. Enter a Title (this will be the title for all your blogs -- separate from the title of each post -- but don't enter a description)

    4. Under Category, pull down the menu and choose "My Blog Banner" -- this is a key step so make sure you don't forget this.

    5. Click on the "Add a Photo" button.

    The title and image will take a few minutes to appear. From then on, you will have a banner and a consistent title across all your individual blog posts. To see an example, you can see my posts: http://edge.ascd.org/_Top-10-Blogs-of-2012/blog/6492707/127586.html

    My overall title is called "A Guide to ASCD EDge" -- and that image appears on all individual posts.


    Hope that helps.







  • blog banner

    Is the upload photo area called "blog post thembnail"?


    I figured it out.  Thanks.

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