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What is the ASCD Forum?
The ASCD Forum is the chance for educators to make their voices heard on a topic of integral importance to educators across the globe. Starting on January 15, ASCD invites all educators to explore the question through online and face-to-face discourse, "How do we cultivate and support teacher leaders?"

Who can participate in the ASCD Forum?
All educators all over the world are invited to join this important conversation. Joining ASCD EDge (it is free to join) will give you access to the conversation as it progresses.

How do I participate in the ASCD Forum?
The ASCD Forum will offer a variety of opportunities to get involved, including a Twitter chat, a face-to-face session during Annual Conference, and a webinar. Throughout the ASCD forum, educators are invited to write and comment on ASCD EDge blog posts that align with the themes of the ASCD Forum discussion. If you are interested in writing a blog post during the ASCD Forum, please e-mail Meg Simpson at at constituentservices@ascd.org.

Join the Conversation: January 16 - April 11, 2014

ASCD has convened the 2014 ASCD Forum to solicit worldwide educator discussion regarding the question, "How do we cultivate and support teacher leaders?” with a particular focus on the professional development best practices to serve this special cadre of educators.

As Rachel Curtis has suggested, “broadly speaking, teacher leadership is defined as specific roles and responsibilities that recognize the talents of the most effective teachers and deploy them in service of student learning, adult learning and collaboration, and school and system improvement.” Still, important questions remain about this evolving concept that would benefit from the input of ASCD’s worldwide community.

This ASCD Forum discussion of teacher leadership goes to the heart of what it means to be an educator, the career potential of teachers, and the essential elements of professional development needed to support aspiring leaders. In addition, the first-hand perspective of school administrators will be especially valuable in this discussion about the benefits of teacher leaders regarding student, staff, and school improvement efforts.

ASCD Forum Group

Questions for Discussion

  • What does it mean to be a “teacher leader” and how does an educator become one?

  • How do teachers exercise leadership without having to pursue a career in administration?

  • How can teacher leaders be identified and cultivated?

  • What are the common attributes of a teacher leader?

  • What opportunities are available for educators to become teacher leaders and how can school systems support educators in this role?

  • What are the core components of professional development to build the capacity of teacher leaders?

  • How can the teacher leader bolster the effectiveness of his or her peers?

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