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Creative PD

Thanks in advance for your response.

We currently have two all day- district wide PD for the next school year.  We are looking for some creative, innovative PD ideas.  What are you currently doing or ideas of doing?

Thanks :) 

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17 May 18, 06:12 PM

For your onsite professional development - often offering choice of workshops/planning groups works well. Perhaps one or more of the options can can led by outside presenter(s)/facilitator(s) and other choices can be led by your own faculty members. Also a choice or for everyone there could be an EdCamp-like format, where what is discussed and learned about is chosen that day in the room. whether completely open or with some built-in topic choices. In addition, if your faculty are interested in learning about Best Quality Project-Based Learning or Educators' Peer Coaching in an interactive, empowering format I provide workshops on those topics. For Educators' Peer Coaching I would come to your district. For Project-Based Learning teachers could come to my summer workshops in Maine and /or I could come to your district. Further information is on my website or contact me at or Cheers!

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