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What do You want to discuss?

What topics, subjects, questions would you like to have discussed on the Overseas and International Education message board and group site? 

  • jobs?
  • school information?
  • curriculum in international schools?
  • conference and workshop information?
  • Would a blog for the group be something you would participate in?

Please post your questions and thoughts.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas for the OIS Group and hope you get involved with the international schools discussion. Please go to the OIS Group link and join in the discussion. 


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25 Dec 11, 07:54 AM

thank you both for your suggestions - are you memebers of the Overseas & International Schools Group? If not, I hope you'll join so we can get these discussions going with members of the group. 

Everyone - do you have a conference or workshop that you know of in your region that you can tell others about? We'd love to hear from you!

I'll post some of the conferences I know of that are coming up in Europe in the coming months on the OIS Group page.



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17 Dec 11, 09:57 AM


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16 Dec 11, 07:27 AM

Curriculum in international schools

Conferences and workshop information in the middle east - gulf region


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