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Administrators - What are you looking for when interviewing candidates for overseas positions?

December - With the international school hiring season about to begin, what is it that administrators are looking for in potential candidates for positions in their schools? What qualities, experience and background do you look for when interviewing?

What questions would you ask teachers or administrators seeking a position at you school?

And, what advice would you give to those who are currently thinking that teaching overseas who want to work in your area of the world?

Teachers and coordinators - on the flip side, what do you believe you would advise teachers seeking jobs in an international school about these questions?

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05 Jan 11, 01:31 AM

It is hiring time and inevitably we have openings. We are looking for people who have visited our school's website and filled out the online application. It is a lengthy process - partially to learn more about you and partially to find out how serious you are about coming to Muscat and working at TAISM.

After that we usually conduct a Skype interview. Finalists are flown to Oman for an interview. We've found that this may be the best way to find a match for our school. The benefits are substantial - especially when the right candidate is found.

We want teachers who are enthusiastic, cutting edge in their field, tech savvy, and able to contribute in many ways (coaching, etc.). We are not looking for folks who "love to travel", who expect to have everything handed to them, or who do work well with others.

Hope this helps!


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