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What Do Students Expect From Their Teachers?

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This is a question that absolutely every single teacher out there has to ask. A huge problem is that the teacher is normally educated in a specific way and adapts to one type of student. We all have to understand that different people have different needs and wishes. This is the case with all parts of life, including education.

Teachers have expectations from students. Students also have expectations from teachers but few people talk about this topic. When a student does not receive what he/she is looking for from the teacher, the desire to learn goes down. In various cases there are students that actually quit school simply because of something related to the teacher.

We tend to think that students are only interested in learning and want to look for education bargains. That is incorrect. One of the simplest ways to see what your students want from you is to ask. Having a relationship based on communication and respect will be a huge part of the entire learning experience.

Generally speaking, most students are looking for the following in their teachers.

Not Making Students Feel Dumb

Unfortunately, there are many teachers that make students feel dumb. This is not at all beneficial. Teachers need to teach and not consider people stupid simply because they do not know some things.

Clear Instructions

There are not many things that are more frustrating than turning in a project and being told that this is not what was desired. In most situations the problem is that the teacher was not at all clear about what has to be done. Teachers should always be 100% clear about what they want from students.

Offer Help When Needed

Having the same expectations from all students is not realistic. There will be many situations in which help is necessary. That is when a student expects the teacher to give a helping hand. For instance, let’s say there is a math problem that the student cannot solve. This is where the teacher needs to explain how to solve it and offer guidance, not just say some formulas and make the student feel dumb.

Offer Proper Feedback

So many teachers just focus on the positives or the negatives. When a project is turned in the feedback that is received should focus on both aspects. Most of the work that will be done will include some good things and some bad things. Students do some things right and some things wrong. A teacher needs to highlight that. Also, as an extra thing, making a really big deal out of a student being wrong is a very bad idea. Students are expected to make mistakes. This is how they are going to learn.


Last but not least, this one should be self-explanatory. Fairness is vital for the success of every single class out there. Having favorite students will only create problems. It is normal for a teacher to prefer some students, just like some students will prefer some teachers. What is not fair is to treat students differently based on personal reasons. A student always wants a teacher that is clear, caring, timely, helpful, equitable and that shows integrity.

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