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We're All THAT Teacher

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In my last few posts, I’ve talked a lot about THAT teacher. But today, I want to talk about you. You are obviously not THAT teacher (after all, THAT teacher would never read this post because THAT teacher thinks I am full of baloney).

But here’s the thing. We all have the potential to become THAT teacher.

You see, THAT teacher didn’t come into teaching bitter, non-compliant, or mean. THAT teacher most likely started out excited, hopeful, even mission driven.

But over time, THAT teacher allowed the challenges of our profession to sour their enthusiasm and poison their passion.

So in a way, we’re all just one disappointment away from becoming THAT teacher.

Which is why I have such compassion for THAT teacher. I know that if I am not careful, I can become her.

I can hear some of you now saying, “I would NEVER treat students like that,” and perhaps you won’t. Maybe it will look different for you. Maybe it will start out as just a nagging sense of dissatisfaction or a sneaking ennui with your job. But unchecked, it will grow and manifest itself in ways that will eventually hurt children.

If discontent is allowed to fester, the only difference between you and THAT teacher is time.

That’s why I am so adamant that you must find and fiercely protect your passion. I can teach you how to be a better teacher or leader, but I cannot shelter and nourish your passion. Only you can do that.

You want to know why I didn’t become a principal when I was offered the job?

I didn’t really love it.

Sure I was GOOD at it. In fact, I was surprisingly good. But I knew that wasn’t my calling. It wasn’t what I was truly passionate about.

I chose to pursue what truly fascinated me, and I am vastly fascinated by teaching. I am so fascinated by it that I not only want to be an amazing teacher, I want you to be one too.

And in order to be extraordinary in the classroom or in your leadership role, you must first love what you do.

Passion isn’t a luxury in this profession; it is an absolute requirement. Bring anything less than your fully passionate self to work each day and you have put yourself on the pathway to becoming THAT teacher, regardless of your role.

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