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Tweetable Moments

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If you are a teacher or administrator, you should search for “Tweetable Moments.” What is a Tweet - a - ble Moment? When you walk into a classroom and see project based learning, you are observing a tweetable moment. Other tweetable moments are evidence that students are creative, problem solvers, leaders, and innovators. If you have a student team win an academic competition, let the world know. Social media allows anyone with an opinion about education to post their thoughts about schools. Some adults have not set foot in a classroom since they graduated from high school. Do you want people on the outside to control the message about your school?


Social media provides educators with the opportunity to highlight teaching and learning. If you are conducting informal classroom observations, you can snap pictures as you tour the school. If you visit ten classrooms and cannot find a tweetable moment, you should have a red flag. Does your school proudly proclaim that students learn the 4 Cs: Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration? Post images of student learning and evidence of the 4 Cs. If you use a hashtag, you can develop a way for students and families to easily follow school highlights. U.S. schools celebrate Friday night football and other athletics events. We need to use social media to recognize the efforts of teachers and students. A touchdown in overtime is worth posting on Twitter and Instagram. I would argue that a student collaborating on a class project or connecting with a student in another country is worth shouting from the rooftop!


What is the image you want the community and world to have about your school? If you could have one image retweeted 1,000 times, what image would best represent your school? If there are 20 schools in a school district, there is a chance that your school may be featured in the local newspaper once or twice each year. Tweetable moments allow you to feature teaching and learning daily. Are you intentional about promoting the school's image?


Mission and Vision statements are still important for K-12 schools. We live in a visual society. When was the last time someone posted the mission and vision on the refrigerator in their kitchen? Greatness happens at your school daily. If you are proud of your school, then let the world see what happens when students own their learning. When you begin to look for tweetable moments, they will become obvious. By the end of the year, you will have a collection of memories!

Questions To Consider:

  1. What is worth tweeting in our school? Ask teachers and staff.

  2. Are there tweetable moments in every classroom?

  3. How can tweetable moments help families understand what goes on inside the school?

  4. Based on your social media presence, would you send a child to your school?

  5. What hashtag would represent your school?

Most school districts have a photo/media consent form. It is important to make certain that students and staff have signed the form before posting pictures on Twitter. Most school districts ask families to complete the form annually.

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