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Time to Save Time!

Time is the Thief or the Savior.

There is one element of education that we all control – TIME! You cannot get more of it but you can manage what you have.

We cannot demand more time from taxpayers or politicians. Time is an extremely finite resource. I suppose we couldmake the school day a bit longer. But what's the point when we waste so much time either on administrative duties or testing? How much time do we spend composing or reading email as opposed to designing better unit plans or assessments? How long are our passing periods? Do kids really need a whole class period to eat lunch?

How much time are you wasting exactly? In 2014 keep an hourly log of your daily activities. Many of you would be quite surprised at the data. If we truly want to engage all learners, if we sincerely want our kids to increase their learning, then lets examine our use of time. Our most precious resource cannot be squandered on trivial tasks.

In 2014 let us all examine the use of time at the district level, school level and classroom level. How much is being spent on tasks that do not impact the instructional environment. This is my New Years Resolution. Happy New Year!

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