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Prof. Sugata Mitra and the Trojan Horse

Providing space for children to pursue their own educational interests is one thing, suggesting that anyone with broadband has no need for schooling is another. Prof, Sugata Mitra, in his enthusiasm for the learning possibilities opened up by the internet, suggests that all brick and mortar schools deserve to be demolished. In his massively popular talks, Sugata Mitra speaks as if all those who have been thinking and writing about how important it is for us to socialise the young in the best way possible have just been wasting their time. Mitra's implication is: Why worry about socialisation when, at the single push of a button, a child can become an equal member of the only association that really matters: the hyperlinked online community.

We have a more detailed introduction to our critique on this page dedicated to Sugata Mitra and the hole in the wall project.

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