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Integrating Tech for Self-Directed Learners

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Promoting "Life Long Learning" is what most new teachers express as their goal for shaping young learners. Learning how to do this is a process that begins in your teacher education programs and continues throughout your career.  

Technology is just one tool in your tool-belt when harnessed correctly can create a space and place for students to become self-directed learners.  Students who are "self-directed" are capable of taking the initiative and responsibility to select and manage their learning activities.

Walk into any Montessori schools and you will see children as young a three  (and possibly younger) working independently on tasks that are developmentally appropriate and foster independence.  The question of whether or not school-age children are capable of being self-directed should not hold you back, the challenge is creating tasks and activities that can support a classroom of 30+ student with different needs and funds of knowledge that will foster independence. Read more .

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