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Happy Teachers: How to Boost Your Income & Break the Chains of Financial Stress

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Seeing a kid's imagination ignited fills the heart with an indescribable feeling. I imagine this is something many teachers experience and the reason many of us decided to be educators. Still, honesty is needed here. Our pay is not good enough, and we still need to make ends meet.

Problems With Our Pay

There is no need to pretend; we've seen good teachers leave their positions because they are not making enough. Their talents as teachers seemed obvious, but they simply saw no sustainable future in teaching, which is sad to see. Sure, voting and doing what we can to change the way this country treats educators should help, but how can teachers deal with their current financial situation?

I believe there is a lot we can do for each other, like creating a supportive environment for new teachers, which can go a long way. Of course, this may be nice but does not solve the financial issue.

Attempting to Address the Financial Issue

Making sure that teachers are paid adequately is good for everyone, not just the instructors. It ensures the teacher's ability to concentrate on what matters: the children and their education. It frees up the teacher to continue his or her education without the stress of financial woes. The following has helped me and may help other educators, too:

Sell Your Lessons and Plans

The Internet has really changed things for people, and it has changed things for teachers, too. There are a number of sites that give you the opportunity to sell your lessons plans or make lessons plans for fellow teachers. You can also sell online courses that you can teach yourself or prepare for others.

Keep in mind that you need to treat this like a real business. In essence, you are self-employed. This makes it imperative that you take a few business administration courses online before you get started so that you know how to work this business to the best of your abilities. Some teachers have increased their annual income significantly, so take this financial stream seriously.

Get Into Test Prep

You probably have a few opportunities at your school that will help you make a little extra money, like getting involved in test prep. These are glorified tutoring programs that are meant to help students perform better on their tests, which helps parents feel like their kids are prepared. You can tell your students or their parents that you are available for test prep.

It is important that you stick to subjects you feel most comfortable with if you are going to help kids with their tests. You do not want to add an additional workload by helping a student with a subject you are not strong in. This is an easy way to make some extra cash, but it does come with a significant weight of responsibility, so make sure that you are sure about this before taking the leap.

Teaching Outside the Box

The next thing you may want to consider is finding jobs that allow you to continue to teach, even when students are out for the summer. There are a number jobs that can be rewarding and allow you to make some additional cash. For one, you can consider checking out local summer camps as many of these organizations would love to have real educators on their staff.

You can also consider the job of a guide. Most guides are educators, in a sense, so it is a job that you should easily acclimate to. There are a number of different kinds of guides that you can consider, like a tour guide, which allows you to explore your own city a little more. You can also consider being a museum guide if you love a specific part of history that is showcased in a museum near you.

These are just some solutions that worked for me, but there are others I have not tried like remote grading, which means that you get to grade papers for teachers who do not have time. Hopefully, some of these suggestions help you make some extra money so you aren't tempted to stress about this.

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