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EL Study Guide: The Classroom Climate

Welcome to the EL Study Guide on ASCD EDge. Each month, EL provides an online study guide to assist educators with their professional development. Here on EDge, we will regularly post excerpts from the Study Guide for EDge members to discuss.

The September EL theme is "Promoting Respectful Schools," and this week's study guide excerpt focuses on creating a positive classroom climate.

In "What's So Hard About Win-Win?", Jane Bluestein encourages teachers to build a classroom climate in which everyone's needs are respected. In doing so, she says, teachers will encounter fewer power struggles and less student misbehavior.

  • What is so hard about win-win? What do you see as some of the barriers to adopting such an approach?
  • Bluestein suggests several strategies for developing a win-win environment. The first is to offer students choices. Make a list of ways you could give students a choice. Try to come up several different kinds of choices, some involving curriculum, others involving work style or assignments.

Please share your thoughts in the comments. For more questions on respectful schools, see the complete study guide.

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