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Edcamp Leadership

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This summer, North Carolina leaders will assemble in a single location for Edcamp Leadership! Will you be there? Edcamp is an unconference, where the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting! In 2014, I attended Edcamp Elon at Elon University and EdcampWNC at the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT). I drove nearly five hours, with three co-workers, to attend EdcampWNC. It was worth the drive and we enjoyed learning from each other on the trip! In 2015, I participated in EdcampQC (Charlotte) and EdcampRowan (Rowan-Salisbury School System).


When you walk into Edcamp, you leave your title at the door. A superintendent, first grade teacher, principal, curriculum director, and school counselor may end up having a small group conversation. The conversations are face-to-face and on Twitter. You don’t roast marshmallows at this camp, but you will leave with new friends and a desire to become a change agent in your school district!


Edcamp Leadership is being held across the United States during the month of July. North Carolina educators are coordinating Edcamp Leadership, with support from national coordinators.  Edcamp Leadership - North Carolina will be held on Friday, July 10, in Raleigh. Dr. June Atkinson, State Superintendent of Public Schools of North Carolina and President of the Council of Chief State School Officers, is participating in the state’s first Edcamp Leadership.


Are you seeking to reflect on your leadership skills, recent school year, and goals for 2015-2016? Join educators from across the state and experience Edcamp Leadership with thought leaders and change agents! Edcamp Leadership is designed for school leaders devoted to education issues and ideas. Its goal is to assemble forward-thinking educators for a day of conversations, reflection and inspiration. Register as an individual or bring a team of leaders!


Who Can Attend?
Pre-K-16 Educators are invited to register today!


What is the definition of a Leader?
Use the ‘Mirror Test.’ When you look in the mirror, do you see a leader? (Think Teacher Leader, Principal, Curriculum Coordinator, Chief Academic Officer, Blogger, Tweeter, Thought Leader, Innovator, Whole Child Advocate, School Board Member, Transformer, Chief Technology Officer, Superintendent, or State Superintendent)


Topics Addressed At Edcamp Leadership
Imagine having some of the most passionate educators and thought leaders from across North Carolina (from Murphy to Manteo) assembled for a single day to discuss the topic of leadership and North Carolina schools. The day will begin with brainstorming leadership topics that attendees wish to discuss with other leaders. The topics will be posted online or at the front of the room and the attendees will vote on the sessions for the day. Lunch will be provided and attendees will have additional time to connect and learn. The day’s agenda is posted online at Edcamp Leadership.


Tell Me More:
Watch Edcamp 101 (Created by Su Hun Lee, 2014)


Register Today:
Free Registration for Edcamp Leadership

Date:  Friday, July 10, 2015


Location:  The Friday Institute,

                 1890 Main Campus Drive

                 Raleigh, North Carolina


Directions:  Edcamp Leader at The Friday Institute


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