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ASQ: Analytical Survey of Questions

As teachers and their students begin preparations for new assessments aligned to the Common Core, many are starting to use Sample Questions from their respective states and from the PARCC and SBAC consortia.

I was working with teachers today who were discussing administering some of these sample questions just to see what their students would do, then using the information to inform instructional design around improvement areas.

To help facilitate the analysis of these assessments and how they may inform instructional design and strategies, I’m including the ASQ document here, the Analytical Survey of Questions. I created this several years ago to help students attend to strategies for different types of test questions. I modified it for use with analyzing questions on new sample assessments for the Common Core. The supporting strategies document is HERE.

In the ASQ document, teachers are asked to analyze the questions on an assessment either for an individual student or for all the students. (If analyzing for all of the students taking a particular assessment, prioritize the questions that were missed by most students or those questions that are the most important based on content or cognitive zone.)

Teachers will need to identify DOK (Depth of Knowledge) or Bloom’s Level for each question missed or prioritized, then identify the skills a student would need to answer the question successfully. Then, teachers would look back at their instructional plans or curriculum maps to be sure that the skills are being taught at the appropriate cognitive zone. If those skills are not represented, or if the skills need to be more rigorous in instructional practice, then teachers can adjust their instructional plans accordingly.

I’m also including access to New York’s Sample Common Core Assessment questions for grades 3-8 below, as well as a link to all of the assessment resources I’ve been saving online, including resources from PARCC and SBAC.

Hope this helps!

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NY Common Core Sample Questions

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20 Nov 12, 05:16 PM

Thanks so much for these resources! I am planning training session for the teachers in my school on Common Core. This would be the next step for me to go with them.

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