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Arm Our Teachers?

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Arm our teachers?




Arm teachers with better pay to deal with the multitude of issues that they must deal with BEFORE even thinking about teaching. Arm them with support staff to recognize and help students that may have critical needs before the situation becomes critical.


Arm them with supplies to be effective and contemporary teachers.


Arm them with professional development that helps them improve their practice in all facets for the sake of the whole child: academic needs, social/emotional needs, and cultural and community needs. Arm them with social and decisional capital that cuts through red tape and allows teachers to both teach and have the means to support students in a multitude of ways.


Arm teachers with a supportive community that actively uplifts all stakeholders. Arm them with information and protocols that promote success for all. Arm them with opportunities to communicate and collaborate about their work, their students, their environments, and their ability to work as a team.


Arm them with equitable resources that are inclusive for all students.


Arm them with professional evaluation systems that focus more on personal relationships and learning rather than quantified and meaningless numbers.


And finally, arm teachers with leaders who make good decisions for the system that are based on sensible actions and not reactionary political jargon and misguided attempts at putting a nonsensical bandage on a bigger issue. Arm them with representatives who want to invest in a system rather than tear it down. Arm them with allegiance and professionalism and trust.

Image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_aid Creative Commons Licensed for reuse.

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