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Are You Qualified To Teach Overseas?

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If you are a teacher that wants to change pace or is just dull, you may continue moving overseas for a teaching job. The very first thing you need to take into account when you want to do such a move is whether or not you are qualified. There are so many different considerations that are necessary to be analyzed. The really important ones are the following.

Language Requirements

Most teachers do not speak a secondary language. Unfortunately, fluency or knowledge of the foreign language is almost always a necessity. Unless talking about international schools, knowledge may be enough. Joining an online learning language school is normally enough but to go to the high levels you have to become as fluent as possible. In most situations, a teacher that will want to teach overseas will want to first focus on the international schools that will teach in English or a language that has a wide coverage. English is obviously the most widespread language and it is much easier to find a teaching job when being fluent in this language.

The Education Requirements

There are specific education requirements that have to be met since you need to prove that you can teach the subject. As an example, when teaching social studies in high school, a history, anthropology, sociology, political science or other social sciences degrees are needed, with the Bachelor’s being the minimum accepted.


This is obviously another requirement that has to be taken into account. It does not mean that you should have taught in another country in the past. However, a minimum of experience for a specific number of years will be necessary. The common misconception is that you learn to teach and get the very first experience directly overseas. This is incorrect. The international schools will always look for the performers that are proven and that are sure to offer more quality. Schools basically want to be sure that you, as a teacher, will offer a high standard of education to mold the students.

Choose the right School

There are a number of options that suit different needs. You could opt to learn a language following a traditional method at your local school like the Instituto Cervantes to learn Spanish, the Goethe Institute to learn German, the Institut Français for French or one of the Cambridge English Assessment Centers around the world to learn English. Another newer alternative is an online language school.

Lingoda for example offers tutoring sessions and free-flowing conversations from native speakers, with 24/7 availability, flexible learning plans, a choice of private or group classes and official CEFR certificates that range from A1-C2. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choose the local institute for the networking opportunities and making friends with whom you can practice after class. Otherwise, choose the online option if you are interested in progressing at your own pace or have time or other constraints in getting to a physical class. Your enrolment obliges you to diligently take their classes and thus, your progress will be put up to speed

The Very First Overseas Teaching Job

This is the most important part of the process. Your very first international job is going to surely open the doors to others, provided that all works as smooth as possible. Getting after the first job is definitely the hard part. After, you gain extra recommendations and references that are much more valuable that what can be obtained from the local teaching establishments in most countries.

Keep in mind that schools from all around the world communicate with each other. Because of this, what is very important, especially when you aim for the first overseas teaching job, is to do all you can to stand out at a local level. If you get good results, it will be easier to be considered in the future.

Other Requirements

You need to do your research and see exactly what extras are needed, based on the exact job you apply for. Obviously, certificates and different other courses will be needed. This varies from school to school.

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