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A simple way to cut printing costs schoolwide

Print friendlyHow much paper and ink do you think you and your students waste every day printing out needless advertisements and sidebar images instead of the web copy you actually intended to print? A couple of wasted pages might not seem like a big deal, but when you factor in the number of print jobs happening at your school on a given day, it’s going to add up. 

If you’d like to get rid of ads, navigation tools and sundry web garbage, all you have to do is copy and paste the webpage URL into PrintFriendly.

Instead of looking like this:

Print Friendly

...PrintFriendly will make your webpage look like this:

Print Friendly
PrintFriendly also allows users to easily

edit webcopy, change text size, and remove images. Once you’re done you can either convert your text to a PDF file, email or print it.

We’d like to thank our friends over at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning for turning us on to this awesome app. If you’re looking for more ways to “declutter” your Internet experience, check out one of our recent blogs, “5 YouTube shortcuts Every Teacher Needs to Know.”

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