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A Framework for Examining Blogs and Improving Schools

I have been writing blogs for two years on ASCD Edge. While each of the blogs are independent entities, consisting of separate thoughts and ideas, they also can be combined to create what I hope is a coherent framework of goals, suggestions and practices for educating children in a 21st century world. In this “meta-blog”, my blogs are placed into categories that examine a different aspect of 21st century teaching and learning. This will provide you, the reader, with a chance to browse through one or more of these commentaries using a larger framework as a reference.

You can also delve more deeply into the qualities, characteristics and perspectives of a 21st century education by going to my website:


***Please note that a few blogs are listed in more than one category.

The Broad Perspective: Reflective Questions and Suggested Changes

A Learning-Centered Checklist for 21st Century Classrooms, Schools and Districts - http://bit.ly/18RS0VJ

Reflect on Your School Year With the Following Questions… http://bit.ly/1218hB7

Ten questions that will improve your teaching, school or district http://bit.ly/OKOj9a

Ten things that will REALLY make a difference in education http://bit.ly/18WGdIZ

My Top Ten education wishes for 2012 (and beyond) http://bit.ly/12LVKZj

Mission and Goals

What should be the outcomes of K-12 schooling? How do we know if we’ve achieved them?  http://bit.ly/13BnM4N

What is your core mission?  http://bit.ly/NsxKRr

What Does This Poem Say, About Education Today http://bit.ly/14onrZv

New Goals For a New Year (and a New Age) http://bit.ly/pdzAEQ

Make Meaning and Purpose Key Elements of Teaching and Learning http://bit.ly/14Npfdf

Beliefs about Learning

Beliefs about Learning and their implications for teaching and learning http://bit.ly/1b1pCRu

Positive Learning Environments, Cultures, and Attitudes

Thirteen Ways to Build Positive Learning Attitudes: a Key to Successful Teaching  



Core Skills: Identification, Methods and Strategies

Teaching the Right Skills For a New Age- Inquiry Based Instruction http://bit.ly/vVhpSQ

Seven Principles for Teaching the Right Skills for a New Age http://bit.ly/yLVZ0M

Using Inquiry-Research Projects to Teach the Right Skills for a New Age


Eight Types of Instructional Strategies That Improve Learning in a 21st Century World http://bit.ly/xdq1f0

Six ways to build greater curiosity in students http://bit.ly/TTKPqO

Do You Teach Creative Thinking? You Should if You Don’t! http://bit.ly/Oc5sLv


Curriculum and Instruction Issues

The Integrated Skill Development Process (ISDP) - The Power of Teacher Collaboration  http://bit.ly/RnSwRT

Strengthening Curriculum and Instruction in a 21st century world http://bit.ly/15sQwTw

A Dozen Reasons Why We Need High Quality Science Teaching and Learning in a 21st Century World http://bit.ly/XGJqAk

Why we need strong science programs, K-12! http://bit.ly/12LYjL8

Promoting STEM in a 21st century World http://bit.ly/UeOWJe

Ten reasons why teaching the arts is critical in a 21st century world



Early Childhood Education


Bridging the Opportunity Gap: Improving Early Childhood and Primary Grade Education http://bit.ly/OlZu7m


Formative and Summative Assessment


Use portfolios -- the best tool for assessing 21st century skills http://bit.ly/SJryIP

Customized Versus Standardized Assessments: A Fairy Tale http://bit.ly/19Ceb4Z

The Bubble Test Trap vs. Project Based Learning http://bit.ly/mI11PE

Increasing Learning With Traditional Tests http://bit.ly/10hdNAQ

Five Powerful Feedback Principles That Improve Student Learning



Professional Growth and Development


Four Activities To Help You Become a Better Teacher and Leader… http://bit.ly/Lrc74o

The Integrated Skill Development Process (ISDP): The Power of Teacher Collaboration http://bit.ly/RnSwRT

Ten Possibilities for Summer Professional Development http://bit.ly/14N1c8r

Using Education Leadership Articles as a Staff Development Tool to Promote a 21st Century Education http://bit.ly/qL9liN

Exercise: Ten Teacher Questions for Self-Reflection ‪bit.ly/12jLOUs 


Teacher Tenure


Alternatives to Teacher Tenure – What Will Work? http://bit.ly/ki6bj9


No Child Left Behind


Adapting NCLB to a 21st Century World  http://bit.ly/jHs0ck




Five Books That Every Educator Should Read? http://bit.ly/wDy6jp

Some Summer Reading And Resource Browsing http://bit.ly/15sUU1c

A new book that helps all of us examine teaching and learning in a 21st century world  http://bit.ly/16eSXow




All blogs can be found at




More blogs will be coming soon that will enhance these categories, including the unique qualities of American education, the importance of motivation, seven types of projects, ten ways we will know that STEM is being practiced in schools, changing the organizational structure from courses to learning inquiries, and many more…. 

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