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5 Infographic Generator Apps Every Teacher Should Know About

Infographic GeneratorInfographics are a delightful realm where technology, visualization, teaching, and learning converge.  As more teachers emphasize technology in the classroom, it can be difficult for—shall we say—artistically challenged teachers to produce brilliant infographics that will highlight their lectures. Students can also struggle to create academic-grade presentations without the right know-how.

Enter "Infographic Generator,” please.

Below are 5 Infographic Generators that every teacher should know about. The first 4 are free and the fifth is so awesome we thought we'd share it. Don’t want to pay out of pocket? You can always use an online fundraising site to fund the upgraded versions...

5 Infographic Generator Apps Every Teacher Should Know About

  1. Good Labs
    It doesn't get any easier than Good Labs. This site includes basic Venn diagrams and Pie Charts—but if you're new to the Infographic world, or students only have class time computer access, these are a snappy way to upgrade a presentation or lecture with some visual stimulation for the audience.

  2. Stat Planet
    This infographic will be an especially favorite tool for history teachers but every teacher will find it to be beneficial.  Stat Planet is a free Infographic Generator that allows teachers and students to build visual aids, using maps and general world statistics, in the form of interactive charts and graphs.  The program even has a good deal of global data housed right there at your fingertips.

  3. Easel.ly
    Hang onto your hat, kid. If you are ready to wow your students with amazingly creative graphics, Easel.ly is the tool for you. And—like the name says—it's easy. There are lots of pre-made graphics, shapes, and colors for you to choose from. But you can also upload your own. Neat!

  4. Hohli Charts!
    For simple streamlined graphs and charts, check out Hohli. While it's equally as easy to use as Good Labs, it offers additional options in terms of more complex pie charts and visual perspectives. This is another one that would be easy for students to incorporate in a class-based computer project.

  5. Piktochart
    So Piktochart does have a free user option, but there are fewer of the bells and whistles of course. However, at just $14.99 per month for the bells and whistles, it's a pretty affordable way to create stellar presentations with a seemingly infinite supply of themes. Check out their amazing samples!

Capture those visual learners, and add pizazz to your classroom, by incorporating infographics into every lecture.

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