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3d Quarter Check-in!

I have learned a lot through this process! THe greatest lesson to date is that you need to formulate a solid team with shared goals before you begin a year long process. The TIG grant has provided sparks at my school that I am confident will eventually be the fire of dramatic culture change. Right now it feels like a smoldering ember in one corner of one room. But there are some people fanning the embers. That is a lot of metaphor to say that I have stumbled over many roadblocks and have not met my own goals and expectations, but nonetheless we continue to move forward. My plan to overhaul ISS has been only mildly successful. Currently the computers have been installed in ISS and the SEL software that was purchased is installed and ready to go. There were many complications along the way abut I hope next week we will literally be up and running. Unfortunately one computer has already been stolen! <sigh> On the bright side, the Link Crew high school transtion model is progresing with excitement and enthusiasm and will have the major roll out on the first day of school next year! I am beyond excited to see the impact this program will have on the staff and students here at Erwin High. I am feeling a bit like and island right now but, I know that the hard work continues and will pay off! Thanks ASCD for working with us and being both persistent and patient!

Brian Powchak


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