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3 Ways To Support Math Literacy

Today was an awesome day, I had the opportunity to attend a math and science articulation at my district, where the algebra and earth sciences teachers met and discussed supporting one another's curriculums. There are numerous ways to support math literacy and fluency in any content area, but here are my three main take aways:

Reading Is Key

Especially in earlier grades, reading is a proxy for success in math. Understanding what the question is asking is of utmost importance. Therefore, we must read to children at a young age and continue to encourage and model reading habits into young adulthood. If students can't read the problems and understand, they will never be able to demonstrate their mathematical thinking no matter how advanced it is.

Abstract Reasoning

Focusing less on the technical aspects of mathematics, and more on the "more or less"ness of numbers helps students figure out the places where numbers belong. Ultimately this builds the strong foundation which algebraic thinking is built upon and students will be able to manipulate the numbers fluently.

Critique Others Results

Instead of the default being the teachers giving the answers, the focus should be on students providing feedback to one another and giving detailed analysis on their explainations. This video starts with a great vignette to explain:

What's Your Strategy?

There are many more ways to support mathematics literacy and fluency in any content area classrooms, what strategies are you using that are helping your students meet with success?

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